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The Stage Bottles were founded in 1993. The first line-up was recruited from a circle of close friends from the antifascist skinhead-scene in Frankfurt/Main Germany.
At that time the anti-fascist-Skinhead-scene struggled a lot fighting the Neo-Nazi-scene. The Stage Bottles were part of this process right from the start.
So the band supported the SHARP-Movement (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) 
and later also the RASH-Movement (Red and Anarchist SkinHeads).

There were several changes in the line-up in the following years after 1993.
Female singer Manu leaving the Band in 1999 was one of the most effecting changes in history of the band. The female voice was – next to the use of the saxophone – one of the most characteristic elements of the music of the Stage Bottles.
The basic issues are ment to inspire antifascist actions, a critical point of view to society and capitalism, a strong affinity to football and its subcultural elements on the terraces and also issues from daily life. 

The issues are lyrically sometimes handled in an unusual way – compared to other Punk-Rock-Bands. 
The Stage Bottles are playing on many antifascist events and also on other concerts with a left-wing background. Also in the football-scene – especially in the Ultra-scene – the Stage Bottles have got a big influence with their clear positioning. They are often invited to events organized by groups like these to many cities in Germany and Europe.

In the past the Stage Bottles convinced a large number of people to leave the right-wing-scene. The Stage Bottles show the possibility of  another  subcultural alternative with a more healthy environment and attitude.
Stage Bottles always put solidarity and support for sincere projects over financial interests
The Stage Bottles already played a few hundred gigs so far. Concerts in Germany, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Britain, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, France, Poland, Czech Republic,Slovakia, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia, Italy and Greece took place.

The title of the song « Sometimes anti-social – but always anti-fascist » developed over the years since 1999 to a worldwide used antifascist slogan. You can find this slogan professionally painted on the back of one terrace of the football stadium of FC St. Pauli, for example.

The Stage Bottles also were involved into some movie-productions: on the soundtrack of the Hollywood-production “Hooligans 2 – Stand Your Ground” the song « Sometimes anti-social – but always anti-fascist » was used. In the documentary “Skinheads“ from 1995 and “Skinhead Attitude” from 2005 band-members were interviewed and pictures from concerts were shown. In the German production “Gegengerade“ – three songs were used for the soundtrack.

Though there were many changes in the line-up the Stage Bottles are still alive after 29 years of rock ‘n’ rolling. The band saved its origin style of lyrics and music. They’ve still got a large number of followers and they will continue until – the end!